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Follow this beautiful blogs, pretty please. (?)

  1. spookkyyromance
  2. gasaii
  3. m-elancholy-hill
  4. lonachu
  5. hae-jin
  6. korisuu
  7. lanjenshi
  8. dala-lawliet
  9. milyshinigami
  10. shiro-the-paladady
  11. sukiyaki-is-love
  12. xyumeix
  13. the-amazing-kid
  14. aisetsu
  15. poisonousgolem

And here, have some RP blogs:

earthkingg (English)
Amaimon feels lonely, please, give him a big hug and play with him. He’s not going to kill ya… I hope.

marumayu (English)
A beautiful Mayuge— erh, I mean, beautiful Kamiki from Ao no Exorcist.

sweetaelita (English & Spanish)
Aelita from Code Lyoko. She’s very nice and sweet~ and also she have tons of RP accounts. n-n”

xphantomofsleep (English & Spanish)
An interesting OC. And very sexy if ya let me say it.

flowering-mizuho (English & Spanish)
An awesome Sheena from Tales of Symphonia! And also an insane sheena for the rest of the month. (?) I think…

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